At HilltopSecurities, our core focus is to advance financial opportunity. This mission doesn’t end with our clients—which is why we’ve launched HilltopSecurities University (HTSU), a multi-faceted professional development platform that serves as a focal point for our employees to learn more about what our company does as well as their particular focus area.

With HTSU, we’re investing in the intellectual capital of our people across the spectrum—from new recruits and experienced associates to business heads and executive leadership. Why? Because we believe the road to becoming the No.1 municipal investment bank in the nation is paved by an informed, intelligent workforce.

HTSU seeks to advance the intellectual capital of our associates and our communities with a multi-faceted approach, including:

  • Business division education programs
  • Associate training programs
  • Manager training programs
  • Online learning platform (through LinkedIn)
  • University partnerships
  • Tuition reimbursement

We understand that when we combine our extensive experience with a culture of collaboration and a commitment to excellence, the result is true innovation for our customers.