HilltopSecurities helps advance the financial opportunities of communities, businesses, and individuals alike. But that’s only part of the story. Our work redefines the idea of community involvement and impacts what matters most: the city you love, the company you work for, and the savings that sustain you.

How do we do it? By trusting in your resolve to move your bold visions forward, and by continually working to earn your trust while we help you pursue them. We believe it’s the ideal approach for those who believe in creating a better future.

Tailored Solutions

Every need is different, so every solution must be unique. It begins with listening, and working to truly understand your objective. Our wealth of product knowledge and diversity of services, including risk and cost analysis, enables us to find sound solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Forthright Advice

When serving as advisor, we explore proposed solutions through candid conversations and a realistic look at the anticipated results. Because being aware and informed lets you make confident decisions. This is how we build long-term relationships and help enrich the financial future of communities, businesses, and individuals.


HilltopSecurities is a unique blend of financial strength, deep industry knowledge, and years of experience. Our firm was born out of the fusion of two respected and successful firms with complementary business lines: First Southwest Company, a broker-dealer founded in 1946 and known for its municipal advisory practice, and Southwest Securities Inc., a full-service broker dealer since 1972.

As part of Hilltop Holdings, a well-capitalized and publicly traded parent company, we’re backed by a strong and diverse financial services enterprise. One that’s focused on moving our clients forward. Nothing better represents this than our iconic buffalo, “Mo,” a symbol for our collective strength, unified force, and the unstoppable momentum of an advancing herd.