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Our key mission includes providing valuable insight to help our clients formulate their own opinions and understand key risk scenarios. Our team members regularly publish reports and commentary on the commodities markets and frequently appear as guests on national media outlets.
February 25 , 2022

Impacts of Russian Military Activity on Wheat and Corn

The recent geopolitical tensions between Russia and the Ukraine have created unwanted global financial market and commodity market volatility. Since...

February 25 , 2022

VIDEO: RFD TV – The ripple effects on the U.S. farm sector and food security following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Reaction continues in the ag sector following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While the impact has already hit the markets, many are speculating over...

February 22 , 2022

VIDEO: RFD TV – How will Russia-Ukraine tensions impact wheat and corn?

Speculation rises over the potential impact of Russia-Ukraine tensions on U.S. agriculture, particularly wheat and corn imports and exports. Senior...

February 08 , 2022

VIDEO: RFD TV – Day 11 of Freedom Convoy: How is it impacting U.S. ag?

Ottawa has announced a state of emergency as Canada reaches Day 11 of the trucker vaccine mandate protests. As the "Freedom Convoy" continues, many...

August 02 , 2021

HilltopSecurities Launches HTS Commodities Division

Business Expands Commodities Trading, Risk Management and Hedging Services

DALLAS, August 2, 2021 – Hilltop Securities Inc. (HilltopSecurities)...

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