Latest Updates: Market Impact of the War in Ukraine
By Scott McIntyre, CFA

Economic Commentary

Economic news and data drive Fed interest rate policy and financial market movement. The problem for many investors is sorting through the massive volume of news and numbers to separate the critical information from the noise. Our economic commentaries provide clear explanation of key events in layman’s terms, as well as regular interest rate updates.
May 17 , 2022

Yields Climb as Solid Consumer Spending Supports Aggressive Fed

Treasury yields sold off across the curve after a better-than-expected retail sales report signaled that U.S. consumers remain largely unfazed by...

May 13 , 2022

Hopeful Signs that Inflation has Peaked

This morning, the import price index was unchanged (0.0%) in April, after a climbing +2.0%, +1.8% and +2.9% in the first three months of 2022. On a...

May 11 , 2022

Bond Yields Rise on Hotter April CPI Report

Both the overall consumer price index (CPI) and core CPI exceeded forecasts in April, indicating that the inflation battle has yet to turn. Headline...

May 06 , 2022

Few Surprises in a Solid April Labor Report

The April employment report was generally on target, with +428k jobs added to nonfarm payrolls and the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.6%. The...

May 05 , 2022

Brief Market Joy Evaporates Post Fed Meeting

Yesterday, confident Fed talk boosted the DOW up 932 points, its biggest single day gain in over two years. Today, a sharp reversal clawed back every...

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