Latest Updates: Market Impact of the War in Ukraine
By Scott McIntyre, CFA

Economic Commentary

Economic news and data drive Fed interest rate policy and financial market movement. The problem for many investors is sorting through the massive volume of news and numbers to separate the critical information from the noise. Our economic commentaries provide clear explanation of key events in layman’s terms, as well as regular interest rate updates.
March 29 , 2022

Reviewing a Flood of Stale Data

Admittedly, events in Ukraine continue to direct the financial markets. Economic releases (especially the stale ones) come with an asterisk attached...

March 24 , 2022

Fed Hawks Scream and Yields Climb as Crude Soars

In the weeks leading up to last week’s FOMC meeting, the spotlight was on the most hawkish of Fed members, St Louis Fed president James Bullard, who...

March 16 , 2022

Powell Talks Tough After Liftoff

By an 8-1 count, FOMC members voted to hike the overnight fed funds rate by a quarter point. The lone committee member not voting with the majority...

March 16 , 2022

Upward Revisions Mask Still Resilient Consumer Spending

Retail sales rose by +0.3% in February, just below the +0.4% median forecast. However, the month-over-month miss wasn’t the result of weaker spending...

March 10 , 2022

CPI Climbs, but Even Higher Prices Still Ahead

The headline consumer price index (CPI) rose +0.8% in February and +7.9% year-over-year, yet another 40-year high. Major contributors to the headline...

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