By Scott McIntyre, CFA

Economic Commentary

Economic news and data drive Fed interest rate policy and financial market movement. The problem for many investors is sorting through the massive volume of news and numbers to separate the critical information from the noise. Our economic commentaries provide clear explanation of key events in layman’s terms, as well as regular interest rate updates.
September 09 , 2021

Fall Travel Plans on Hold Amid Fading Growth

This is an unusually sparse week for data releases, but there’s no shortage of economic chatter. There’s little question that the economy is...

September 03 , 2021

Taper Timing Questioned After Payroll Shocker

The "substantial further progress" Fed officials were hoping to see in payroll growth didn’t happen. In fact, the meager +235k jobs added to nonfarm...

September 01 , 2021

Persistent Labor Challenges to Test Fed Resolve

This morning, the ADP employment change report showed just +374k jobs added to company payrolls in August, well short of the +625k median forecast....

August 27 , 2021

Powell’s Statement Offers Little Beyond Familiar Phrases

Going into the virtual Jackson Hole economic symposium, expectations had emerged that clear direction on a taper timeline would be revealed. In his...

August 26 , 2021

Economic Data Dismissed as All Ears Turn to Powell

This morning, the second-tier economic data releases generally fell short of the mark …but not by much and frankly, all ears are on the Fed right now...

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