For almost 30 years, HilltopBancSystems has provided innovative proprietary software and customized services for depository institutions. Started as MC Planning in 1987 with a handful of clients, HilltopBancSystems has grown to over 250 customers, ranging in asset size from $50 million to over $20 billion. Our experienced staff has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over many years by serving a broad range of clients and assisting them with their management strategies and regulatory reviews. HilltopBancSystems’ staff is adept at advising the necessary solutions on an institution specific level. As the rapidly evolving banking regulatory environment becomes more burdensome, HilltopBancSystems is a trusted provider of the easy to use systems and support necessary to be a high performing depository institution.

HilltopBancSystems is proud to introduce our suite of products: HBS Portfolio Manager, HBS Profit Manager and HBS Risk Manager. Our HilltopBancSystems suite provides internet-based innovative software and customized services for depository institutions providing easy delivery, operation, support, security and data retention. Our software is proprietary, giving us the ability to work closely with each client to support it, maintain it and enhance it.

HBS Portfolio Manager is a comprehensive investment portfolio accounting, pricing and analytical system. It will provide you with much of the flexibility of in-house processing with the support of a service bureau.

HBS Risk Manager is available either in-house or via a service bureau, covering all management reporting needs in the area of interest rate risk management. The volatility of both accounting and economic interest rate risk is measured against a plus and minus 500 basis point change in interest rates, over a three year horizon with instrument level modeling.

HBS Profit Manager combines the power of Risk Manager with integrated budgeting, forecasting, branch, and board reporting capabilities. Its impressive line of features allows bank management to efficiently produce reports and analysis for all financial management and asset and liability management needs.

In addition to our proprietary software products, HilltopBancSystems utilizes expertise and experienced analysis to provide customized consulting services for banking clients. These services include:

Policy Design: HilltopBancSystems assists banking clients in the creation of internal policies covering investment securities, interest rate risk, and contingency funding.

Strategy Development: Based on the unique, individual objectives of each banking client, HilltopBancSystems will assist management in constructing effective investment and asset and liability management strategies.

Other Advisory Services: Contact your HilltopBancSystems representative or support desk at 713.654.8634 to learn more about key assumptions studies and educational services we offer. Some of these services include:

  • Decay Rate Studies
  • Loan Prepayment Studies
  • Stress Testing and IRR Sensitivity
  • ALCO Participation
  • Board Training

Please contact us today to see how HilltopBancSystems can help you.