HilltopSecurities has delivered dedicated expertise and experience in sales, trading and underwriting for municipalities throughout the U.S.

As part of a leading underwriting firm for both small and large municipalities across the country, our Municipal, Trading and Underwriting professionals leverage in-house, real-time access to industry experts and participants to inform our clients about rapidly changing market conditions. Client benefits include:

Personalized Service Our municipal professionals provide the highest level of service and understanding of each client’s unique personal investment goals.

Responsiveness With state-of-the-art access to a diverse group of markets and products, HilltopSecurities has an enhanced ability to respond to our clients' inquiries in a timely and accurate manner. For more than 70 years, we have built a reputation based on integrity by providing analytically sound advice shaped wholly by the unique needs and best interests of each client.


Through our highly sophisticated underwriting efforts, HilltopSecurities provides needed capital to local communities to help fund public projects. These project financings build or repair schools, water and sewer systems, streets and roads, public transportation, ports, airports, hospitals, utility districts, higher education, and public power projects...just to name a few. HilltopSecurities' skilled underwriting team, depth of underwriting experience, and national underwriting expertise achieve the best possible results for both our issuer clients and investor clients. As a nationally respected  underwriter, we have the right people to help issuers favorably connect to investors.


HilltopSecurities is an active secondary market participant providing liquidity for both tax-exempt and taxable municipal securities. Our involvement in the secondary market gives our investor clients and our issuer clients confidence that an issuer's bonds are marketable. Knowing that bonds are marketable can translate into lower interest costs for issuers and provide liquidity for investors that may want the option of selling their bonds prior to maturity.

As a market maker, HilltopSecurities provides extensive secondary market support for new issues over an extended period of time. Our  secondary efforts help optimize our distribution efforts when we serve as underwriter for our issuers.


Hilltop Securities salesforce has long-standing relationships with investors at over 2,000 separate institutional accounts who buy municipal bonds. Our large and seasoned salesforce allows deeper penetration into accounts that the big Investment Banks simply don’t attempt to cover. Our senior marketing professionals are in frequent contact and have daily interaction with investors from the full spectrum of buy-sides accounts. We have more than 30 years of service to some clients including Bank Portfolios, Insurance Companies, Trust Departments, Money Managers and Bond Funds.

These long standing and deep relationships provide the Trading and Underwriting desks a unique market position by providing Hilltop with a broader range of current market intelligence. This allows for wide distribution of a broader range of credits and structures; and, adaptation to market trends, including an emphasis on Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). Trading utilizes this significant distribution capability to position bonds our Customers want to both buy and sell. Moreover, these relationships provide a strong foundation for our underwriting practice. This broader distribution allows HTS to optimize negotiated and competitive pricings and couponing structures.


The leadership at HilltopSecurities recognizes the talents of our people who advise and serve our clients. These diverse and talented individuals work together to develop new ideas and innovative financial solutions. We view diversity as one of our greatest strengths. With diversity...we see that we are not limiting ourselves to a narrow view...just the opposite... we are opening ourselves to new ideas and new ways of thinking about how to benefit our clients. Our highly skilled and talented professionals contribute their expertise to the markets in which we participate. Those professionals represent a cross-section of the communities we serve. We create an environment of inclusion by bringing together and valuing diverse professionals that, in turn, creates opportunities for our clients.


Experience We have more than 6 decades of demonstrated experience in complex financial markets. We share our local knowledge and national experience and advise our clients based on what is in their best interest.

Quick Access and Responsiveness Each client is a priority. We respond quickly with information and guidance tailored to their individual needs and requests by providing the personalized service our clients deserve.

Enduring Relationships We build trusting and durable relationships with our clients based on personal integrity, experience and professionalism.

Teamwork Our professionals are matched to the specific needs of our clients. We work together to ensure each client receives the benefits of the entire company's expertise.

Anticipating Opportunities and Challenges HilltopSecurities continually reviews existing market conditions against individual client needs to provide proactive recommendations.

Clear Communication of Complex Ideas HilltopSecurities has a reputation for communicating clearly with clients. We understand that complex ideas require clear communication to help our clients make informed financial decisions.