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Sound Risk Mitigation Strategies to Protect Your Portfolio

HilltopSecurities helps public and private entities across the country develop hedging programs to protect against losses due to sudden interest rate or commodity price fluctuations. Our experienced team of financial professionals will ensure that you have an optimal hedging strategy to balance portfolio upside with intelligent downside risk mitigation.

Interest Rate Risk Management

HilltopSecurities has extensive experience helping our clients hedge against interest rate fluctuations by integrating swaps and other interest rate derivative products into their fixed income portfolios, on either asset or liability side. Our advisors will help you design an appropriate hedging program to minimize the risks associated with interest rate derivative products, such as termination risk, collateral posting risk, counterparty termination credit risk, basis risk and tax event risk. Most importantly, HilltopSecurities can independently evaluate suitability and fair pricing to keep you in compliance with Dodd-Frank regulation requirements.

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Commodity Trading

As a Commodity Trading Advisor, HilltopSecurities is licensed and regulated by the National Futures Association under the authority granted by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). HilltopSecurities advises clients on hedging programs for commodities such as agricultural products, oil products, metals, natural gas, and electricity, among others. Our team advises on the development, implementation and suitability of commodity risk management programs, including assisting with staff or board education. As in our interest rate risk management practice, HilltopSecurities can also assist you in understanding and satisfying applicable regulatory compliance requirements.

Get in touch with the HilltopSecurities Structured Finance group today to learn how we can help you develop a hedging program to protect your portfolio assets.

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