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HilltopSecurities University

Raising the Bar With Transformational Training Programs

HilltopSecurities University (HTSU) is a multi-faceted professional development platform available to all HilltopSecurities employees.

Through accessible and in-depth training, HTSU helps our team members cultivate a deeper understanding of our company. The program is a cornerstone of our continuing education initiatives, and contributes to our culture of collaboration and our commitment to excellence.

The training delivered through HTSU ultimately benefits the firm, our employees, and our customers.
The Firm
The Firm
HilltopSecurities grows stronger as a company as our employees become more knowledgeable about their own roles and the roles of their co-workers.
Our Employees
Our Employees
Our people receive valuable training that helps advance their careers.
Our Customers
Our Customers
Our customers — and the community at large — benefit from the innovation and leadership fostered by a more engaged and knowledgeable team.

Training & Resources

HTSU offers a variety of training and development resources, including:


• Business division education programs
• Associate training programs
• Manager training programs
• Online learning platform (through LinkedIn)
• University partnerships
• Tuition reimbursement


HilltopSecurities University is accessible to all HilltopSecurities employees. Contact Human Resources for more information.

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