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Jeff Stewart Participates at AdvisorHub’s Industry in Transition 2021 Summit


COVID-19 required most financial professionals to modify their independent practices. In response, AdvisorHub recently hosted an Industry in Transition 2021 Summit featuring several thought leaders who discussed wealth management trends prompted by the pandemic.

Jeff Stewart, HilltopSecurities managing director and head of business development, participated the panel discussion, “The COVID Effect: Present and Future” to address the pandemic’s impact on technology and client engagement.

Stewart explained that advisors have all had different post-pandemic experiences based on where they’re regionally located, highlighting how blanket solutions tend to be less effective for independent practices. HilltopSecurities recently implemented a return-to-office strategy that consisted of identifying employees’ responsibilities and goals. That way, the firm could more effectively figure out how to best support each regional office.

According to Stewart, HilltopSecurities was also able to upgrade their technology during the pandemic. Although, the process to improve their digital resources was well underway before the pandemic began. Those enhancements were helpful when advisors were forced to transition to remote work and have continued to help boost client engagement and culture as advisors return to office.

About Jeff Stewart
Stewart joined HilltopSecurities’ Wealth Management division in March 2021 at the firm’s Dallas headquarters. He oversees all phases of advisor recruitment for the Private Client Group and Momentum Independent Network and the development of HilltopSecurities’ premier platform for advisors.

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