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VIDEO: CNBC – I’m not seeing cracks in muni credit quality, says HilltopSecurities Tom Kozlik

Tom Kozlik, HilltopSecurities’ Head of Public Policy and Municipal Strategy, joins CNBC’s Kelly Evans and ‘The Exchange’ to discuss muni...

The Bond Buyer: Experts don’t expect banks’ collapse to spur bond refunding

A pause in rates wouldn’t be enough to spur refundings, agreed Tom Kozlik, head of public policy and municipal strategy...

Bloomberg: Slowest Sales Since 2018 Get Nudge From Boomlet

Tom Kozlik, who is head of public policy and municipal strategy at HilltopSecurities in Dallas, was low man in last...

The Bond Buyer: Short-end munis firmer, new-issue calendar tops $10B

The “week’s substantial primary market calendar of $10-plus billion will be a big test for where market demand stands,” Tom... Bond Markets Shrug Off California Budget Shortfall

Tom Kozlik, the Head of Public Policy & Municipal Strategy for HilltopSecurities in Dallas, says investors are largely chalking the...

February 2023 HFA Prepay Report, Delinquency Trends, and Outlook

February conventional HFA prepayment ratios to generic counterparts were similar to levels in recent months. Ginnie ratios were mixed, with...

The Bond Buyer: Fare-dependent transit agencies face tougher recovery from pandemic

Tom Kozlik, head of municipal research and analytics at HilltopSecurities, said in an interview that “mass transit is not too...

The Bond Buyer: Munis mixed, muni mutual fund outflows top $1B

On Monday, municipals were weaker to kick off a holiday-shortened week as the front end and belly of the curve...

Federal Housing Administration Announces Mortgage Insurance Premium Cut – Takeaways

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) on Feb. 22, 2023 announced a 30 basis point reduction in its Annual Mortgage Insurance...

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