By Tom Kozlik

Municipal Commentary

The municipal bond market enables more than 50,000 state and local governments, agencies, and authorities to fund a variety of public works projects. However, the breadth of the market and its tax advantages leave it subject to the mandates of regulatory agencies and legislators. Our municipal commentary helps you stay up to date on the latest market headlines and trends.
September 20 , 2021

The Road to Getting Infrastructure Done in 2021

The ball is in the Democrats’ court right now. The holdup to finalizing infrastructure is being caused by progressive Democrats wanting the Senate to...

September 17 , 2021

The Bond Buyer: Tax law changes, muni provisions to alter muni landscape

"Investor demand for municipals will not only remain strong, but also would strengthen further still, if the proposed higher tax rates and municipal...

September 15 , 2021

Proposed Tax Increases Reinforce Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond Demand

The House Democrats' draft proposal to pay for much of the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Jobs and Families proposals through tax increases...

September 13 , 2021

Mostly Constructive News for Public Finance in Ways and Means’ Build Back Better Markup, However the Path for Passage Remains Challenging

The Ways and Means Committee’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better markup includes several public finance friendly elements such as the reinstatement of...

September 13 , 2021

Bloomberg: Build America Bonds, Advance Refundings Revived by House Panel

"Tom Kozlik, head of municipal strategy and credit at Hilltop Securities in Dallas, Texas, said he thought the tax-credit versus direct payment...

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Political Positioning by the Democrats Coming to a Head on Infrastructure

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