By Tom Kozlik

Municipal Commentary

The municipal bond market enables more than 50,000 state and local governments, agencies, and authorities to fund a variety of public works projects. However, the breadth of the market and its tax advantages leave it subject to the mandates of regulatory agencies and legislators. Our municipal commentary helps you stay up to date on the latest market headlines and trends.
January 14 , 2021

Housing Fundamentals Remain Solid and Our Housing (HFA) Sector Outlook Remains “Stable” to Begin 2021

The national housing market was solid in 2020 and positive momentum in sales and property price appreciation is expected to continue in 2021.

January 14 , 2021

VIDEO: Market Update – COVID-19 is Still Spreading Uncontrollably to Begin 2021

January 14 , 2021

President-elect Biden’s First Stage Rescue Package, Prelim Overview

President-elect Biden is expected to ask for $1.9 trillion for a first stage COVID-19 rescue package. This in fact would be the sixth phase of...

January 11 , 2021

State and Local Government Job Losses in Three of Last Four Months Illustrate Continued Budget Pressures

U.S. labor market data reported Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed non-farm payrolls dropped unexpectedly by -140,000 compared to the...

January 08 , 2021

Democrats’ Legislative Agenda Could Begin With $2K Payments, Relief, & Infrastructure Totaling $3 Trillion

We expect the legislative agenda for the Democrats to move quickly and include substantial relief that could contain meaningful, direct, and...

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