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The municipal bond market enables more than 50,000 state and local governments, agencies, and authorities to fund a variety of public works projects. However, the breadth of the market and its tax advantages leave it subject to the mandates of regulatory agencies and legislators. Our municipal commentary helps you stay up to date on the latest market headlines and trends.

Tom Kozlik is the Head of Municipal Research and Analytics for HilltopSecurities. He distributes widely read municipal commentary and frequently contributes to national media outlets. With over two decades of experience in the fixed income industry, Kozlik is a nationally recognized strategist who brings unique insight and perspectives to his commentary and analysis of municipal market trends, opportunities, and challenges. For 2018-2021, Smith’s Research and Gradings included him on the first team in the generalist category of its Municipal All-Star Team, in addition to the third team in the sellside director of research category for 2020 and 2021.

He was voted to Institutional Investor’s All-America Fixed-Income Research Team and Greenwich Associates named him one of the Most Helpful Analysts in Municipal Bonds in 2015. In addition, Kozlik has taught graduate-level public finance courses at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government, where he earned a Masters of Government Administration.
June 07 , 2022

Bloomberg: Survey Shows Land Development Is Most Appealing High-Yield Sector

Not a week goes by without a story somewhere discussing how we’re all moving out, so it’s no wonder that the one sector of the high-yield muni market...

June 02 , 2022

School District Credit Quality is Strong, Former Mayor Bloomberg is Overreaching

Former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg’s analysis suffers from selection bias, and his conclusion that classrooms will be “half-empty” is an...

June 01 , 2022

CNBC: Investors revisit muni bonds amid higher yields and strong credit

Tom Kozlik, head of municipal research and analytics at HilltopSecurities, commented in a recent article published on that he thinks public...

June 01 , 2022

VIDEO: CNBC Europe – Street Signs

Tom Kozlik, head of municipal research and analytics at HilltopSecurities, joined Julianna Tatelbaum on CNBC Europe's 'Street Signs' to discuss...

May 31 , 2022

Voters Want Normalcy – This is Not It – More Political Change is Likely

No meaningful change is likely to come from the President’s inflation related policy proposals or meeting with Fed Chair Powell.
In fact, the...

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