Tom Kozlik Discusses Public Pension Funding Barriers on Bloomberg Markets and The Bond Buyer Podcast

Director and Head of Municipal Strategy & Credit Tom Kozlik recently appeared on Bloomberg TV and The Bond Buyer Podcast to discuss public pension underfunding.

Bloomberg Markets
On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, Kozlik sat down with Taylor Riggs on Bloomberg Markets to discuss why public pensions are not more adequately funded and the future trajectory of funding levels. Watch the interview below.

Video courtesy of Bloomberg Markets

The Bond Buyer Podcast
On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Kozlik sat down with Paul Burton to discuss underfunding in public pensions on The Bond Buyer Podcast.

Burton also wrote an article discussing Kozlik’s October commentary in October. Visit The Bond Buyer to read, “Where Public Pension Funding Went Awry” (subscription needed).

To learn more about HilltopSecurities’ take on public pension funding barriers, read Kozlik’s October 2019 municipal commentary.