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You apply for the MCC at the same time you make a formal application for a mortgage through an approved lender. Lenders vary in their requirements for mortgage loan application, but generally you will have made a purchase offer on a specific residential property and will be ready to supply credit information, employment data, and other information to the lender. There will be a non-refundable fee to make application for an MCC. Please follow the below easy steps to get you closer to homeownership.

Step 1
Carefully read through the information provided on this site and determine if you initially qualify – “Do I Qualify for an MCC?". If you decide that the MCC meets your needs, then go to Step 2.

Step 2

Select an available program

Step 3

Select an approved lender for the particular MCC program. Your entire process will be handled by them for the MCC program you select. When you call the lender, let him/her know that you are interested in the MCC program. They will verify that you qualify for the MCC program and walk you through the application process. If the lender indicates that you do not qualify for our program, they may either refer you to an alternate program/loan product or inform you of the appropriate steps that you will need to take in order to get yourself in a better position for homeownership.

Homebuyers are free to seek financing from any approved lender. An approved lender is any bank, mortgage company, broker, or other person providing mortgage financing participating in the MCC Program. All underwriting will be performed by the approved lenders. The approved lenders providing the financing is allowed to establish the interest rate, loan term, down payment requirements, credit and underwriting criteria, loan type, mortgage insurance requirement, fees, points, closing costs, and all other loan terms, with adjustments to those procedures as needed in order to satisfy MCC Program requirements.

For a list of participating lenders in your purchasing area, please email HilltopSecurities at or call 214.953.4176.