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Below are the steps once you apply for an MCC with an approved lender:

Step 1
The lender will contact the Program Administrator to reserve an MCC for use in connection with the mortgage loan by submitting the Application Package with the appropriate fee. This reservation will hold the MCC while the lender is processing the application and the MCC is processed by the Program Administrator.

Step 2

The Program Administrator processes the application and, once approved, they will issue to the lender an MCC Commitment Letter.

Step 3

The lender will finish processing your mortgage loan and then close the mortgage loan.

Step 4

The lender will submit a Closing Package with the appropriate fees to the Program Administrator for review.

Step 5

Once the Closing Package is reviewed and approved, the Program Administrator will issue you the Mortgage Credit Certificate.

Step 6

Once you receive your Mortgage Credit Certificate, you may start benefiting from this program. To see your choices on how to benefit, please click How Do I Claim My Tax Credit?