We are a national leader in helping airports meet their financial needs. For 70 years, we have developed a proven practice of providing municipal advisory, underwriting, asset management and other financial services to airports nationwide. Our team approach provides you with the personnel, tools, knowledge and technology that help you achieve your goals. This approach has afforded us to be recognized in several airport Bond Buyer Deal of the Year Awards.*

Significant Benefits

We have an extensive history of serving (i) Large and Medium Hub Airports and (ii) Small Regional Airports. This experience has culminated into an industry practice that provides you with the following areas of expertise:

  • Our team has expertise in all airport life-cycle stages—from the unique challenges of start-up airports, to developing credit facilities to support smaller, growing airports, to modeling and implementing multi-year, multi-billion dollar financing plans for established, international airports.
  • We have represented diverse airports in use, lease and special facility negotiations—from locally owned general aviation facilities to the largest airports in the U.S.
  • Airport financing demands an ongoing choreography of multiple financing disciplines. We have a successful and demonstrable track record of seamlessly integrating our in-house public finance, corporate finance, structured finance, asset management and capital markets expertise.
  • Our deep experience and expertise in public-private partnerships helps us define, evaluate and realize potential capital development opportunities for our airport clients.
  • We use all our industry knowledge to develop comprehensive, informative and effective investor and ratings agency presentations.
  • Our direct participation in the capital markets affords our airport clients with the real-time local and national market sensitivity to make better decisions when considering the issuance of debt.
  • Our in-house professionals in arbitrage rebate, investment advisory, corporate finance, structured products and continuing disclosure are available to each client.
  • Our professionals are continuously accessible and immediately responsive to each client.

To learn more about how we can serve you and your airport, publicfinance@hilltopsecurities.com.

* When serving as municipal advisor. At Jan. 28, 2021. Awarded by The Bond Buyer, Institutional Investor, and International Financing.