We understand the economic benefit a convention center hotel can have on a community. Convention center hotels provide a premium location for businesses and professionals to host meetings, seminars, trade shows, art galleries and public shows, which generates local interests and brings in out-of-town visitors. We strive to facilitate economic growth within your community by helping to manage your financial risk.

We provide city and county governments with the market knowledge and experienced insight to efficiently finance projects such as convention center hotels.

Managing risk to better serve your goals

We are a pioneer in convention center hotel financing and served as financial advisor for the first hotel financing to incorporate bonds authorized under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. As one of the most experienced financial advisory and underwriting firms in the U.S., we understand how to help you balance the various risks associated with hotel financing. To assist you, we:

  • Mitigate construction risks through a guaranteed maximum price contract with liquidated damages for delays.
  • Mitigate operating risks through the selection of a high quality operator, early in the design stage, with experience in Qualified Management Agreements (QMA).
  • Mitigate feasibility risks by selecting a reputable consultant and using experienced consultants to review outputs. While we are not feasibility risk consultants, we do assist our clients by reviewing and commenting on feasibility work.
  • Mitigate financial risks by ensuring the project shows substantial projected coverage, maintains healthy reserves, provides for adequate capital replacements and properly motivates the operator to perform.


In addition to helping you with risk management, other benefits we provide include:

  • Our direct and ongoing participation in the capital markets gives you real-time local and national market sensitivity to make better decisions when considering debt issuance.
  • We use our vast industry knowledge to develop comprehensive, informative and effective investor and ratings agency presentations.
  • Our in-house professionals in arbitrage rebate, asset management, corporate finance, and continuing disclosure are always available to partner with you.

To learn more about our convention center hotel expertise, contact us at publicfinance@hilltopsecurities.com.