HilltopSecurities Public Finance understands the challenges that face our clients in the healthcare sector. We have deep experience in structuring and underwriting for healthcare. From January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2014, we participated as financial advisor or underwriter in 60 transactions totaling more than $2.93 billion according to lpreo MuniAnalytics.

When you partner with us, you will have access to our financial advisory and consulting services that we provide to governmental and, nonprofit and privately held hospitals, healthcare systems and healthcare providers across the United States. Our healthcare team assists clients in the areas of:

  • Strategic financial planning
  • Capital planning
  • Credit and debt capacity analysis
  • Fixed rate, floating rate and direct lending analysis
  • Interest rate hedging strategies (swaps, interest rate caps, etc.)
  • Bond fund and fixed income investment advisory
  • Strategic merger/acquisition/joint-venture advisory
  • Arbitrage rebate calculation and post-issuance compliance
  • Continuing Disclosure (15c2-12 compliance and filing assistance)

Strategic insights to encourage growth
Healthcare organizations' four primary sources of funds — operations, philanthropy, debt, and cash reserves —have become less integrated due to turbulence in the economy and the capital markets, uncertainty in healthcare service reimbursement and the potential ongoing impact scope of national healthcare reform.

Due to these conditions, our healthcare advisory services practice group assists healthcare organizations in cost-effectively planning, paying for structuring and implementing their current and future capital strategies.

Meaningful benefits to expand your organization

  • We provide strategic financial planning and consulting services for you before, throughout and after a financing transaction.
  • Our professionals are accessible and immediately responsive.
  • We rigorously model and analyze multiple variables to formulate long-range financial plans that seamlessly integrate key business strategies, reimbursement, operational activities, performance improvement initiatives and capital planning.
  • Given their limited capital resources, we assist you in evaluating the economic and strategic benefits of capital projects through the development of sound business plans.
  • We identify, analyze, recommend and help execute strategic alternatives such as mergers, joint ventures, long-term leases or similar transactions.
  • We help you evaluate, modify and monitor swap and hedge positions.
    We apply our deep industry knowledge and experience to develop comprehensive, informative and effective investor, creditor and ratings agency presentations.
  • We provide assistance in preparing and posting continuing disclosure (Rule 15c2-12 “Agreed Upon Undertakings”) information (quarterly, annual and Material Event filings)
  • Our arbitrage rebate group can assist in arbitrage rebate calculations, post-issuance compliance policy assistance and IRS audit assistance
  • Our in-house experts in arbitrage rebate, investment advisory, swap advisory/interest rate hedging, and corporate finance, and continuing disclosure are readily available to partner with you based on your needs.

To learn more about our healthcare expertise, contact us at publicfinance@hilltopsecurities.com.