We recognize public power and electric cooperative utilities face a complex, new environment that involves choices between traditional ownership and operation versus public-private partnership joint ventures or long-term power supply contracts. We also understand the risk and cost profiles of carbon emitting generation assets or long term power supply contracts and renewable portfolio standards you face.

For these reasons, we positioned ourselves to become a leader in public finance to provide you with a full spectrum of investment banking, and strategic and financial advisory services for public power, electric cooperative utilities, and government-owned or sponsored energy projects.

Working side-by-side to help you thrive

Our professionals have extensive experience with a wide range of client power projects, including joint action agencies and G&T Cooperatives, city-owned electric systems and distribution co-ops, pre-paid natural gas supplies, district energy systems and public-private partnership renewable energy projects. When you partner with us, we'll work side-by-side with you to ensure you have what you need to thrive.

Here is a list of benefits you'll receive.

Development and financing —Financial advisory and capital markets practice groups utilize many of the same skill sets to assist clients in the development and financing of electric generation, transmission and smart grid projects.

Renewable energy —We have in-depth experience addressing renewable portfolio standards and evaluating public-private partnership ownership structures (i.e., tax equity PPA) as alternatives to finance renewable generation projects.

Carbon and greenhouse gases — We have a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of potential cap-and-trade or carbon tax regulatory regimes on utilities with natural gas and coal in their generation/power supply portfolios.

Fuel supply — We have in-depth experience in short and intermediate term fuel hedging, intermediate term VPP gas supply and long-term prepaid natural gas supply.

Deregulation — We have expertise with deregulated electric markets based on our experiences in Texas, California and Massachusetts.

Optimal financing structures — We leverage our deep experience to develop optimal financing structures and guide you to financial closing, whether the selected structure is traditional bond financing or front-end corporate ownership prior to public ownership and funding after the tax benefit period.

To learn more about public power, contact us at publicfinance@hilltopsecurities.com.