The success of students and teachers is fundamentally critical to the success of every individual community and our nation as a whole. Most schools are underfunded, which is unfortunate. However, we understand the nuance of the financial market, and we believe students deserve the best possible educational experience. We are here to help you with your financial needs.

For 70 years, our expertise has allowed both our financial advisory or underwriting school district clients to obtain the most efficiently structured financings for their projects. Whether your school district is large or small, urban, suburban or rural, high or stable growth, our expertise and experience can help your district achieve its financial goals.

School district benefits

Along with our vast experience, you will receive the following benefits when you partner with us:

  • Our professionals across the country share ideas and methods that are applicable to your school district.
  • Our expertise in modeling effective financing structures based upon the unique objectives you wish to achieve.
  • Our direct and ongoing participation in the capital markets gives you real-time local and national market information which allows them to make better decisions on when to market your bond/note offerings.
  • Our robust distribution network enhances our ability to pre-market and distribute your bonds and notes to multiple investor categories, including large institutional investors, regional institutions and high net worth individuals.
  • We use our industry knowledge to develop comprehensive, informative and effective investor and ratings agency presentations.
  • Our in-house professionals in arbitrage rebate, asset management and continuing disclosure are readily available to partner with you based your needs.

To learn more about our school district expertise, contact us at