Our Public Finance has experience in collaborating with State Revolving Fund (SRF) Programs in navigating the dynamic environment for SRF’s which includes fluctuating capitalization grants, federal tax law changes, evolving requirements from EPA and volatility in the capital markets. Given EPA’s requirement for program in perpetuity, long-term strategic planning models are essential for SRF programs. HilltopSecurities has assisted many of our clients by developing multi-year strategic planning models to assist them in quantifying the impact of various business and policy decisions that are required in managing these federal pooled loan programs. Our models are also the foundation for annual capacity projections and required rating agency surveillance.

We advise a wide range of diverse SRF and pooled loan programs across the country. Our approach to assisting clients recognizes the unique aspects of each program while ensuring compliance with federal requirements. Our objective is to ensure we assist our clients in achieving their goals. By partnering with HilltopSecurities, our clients receive many benefits.

Benefits to provide for strategic planning

  • Focused analytics with client specific models
  • Knowledge of federal, programmatic and legal considerations related to pooled loan programs
  • In-depth experience with rating agencies and their specific requirements for Default Tolerance Analysis
  • Direct and ongoing participation in the capital markets which provides our clients real-time structure and pricing expertise and value
  • In-house professional in arbitrage rebate, structured products and continuing disclosure are available to complement our advisory services
  • Readily accessible and responsive professionals available at your request

To learn more about our special districts expertise, contact us at publicfinance@hilltopsecurities.com.