As one of the nation’s leading financial advisors in the water and sewer sector, we have helped many clients access the market. As an underwriter, we know and understand the buyers of this type of debt. In addition to the typical services provided during the debt issuance process, we provide the following specialized services:

  • Evaluating rate structures
  • Identifying possible rate changes
  • Recommending target balances of reserve accounts
  • Determining the implications of financing capital improvement programs
  • Conducting sensitivity analyses
  • Ensuring projected revenues are adequate
  • Developing long range financial plans
  • Ensuring rates conform to regulations and existing contracts

We have experience financing pipelines, plant expansions and the development of new water resources with systems at the local, regional and state levels. Our professionals are well-versed in state revolving funds in terms of accessing those funds and the creation and maintenance of SRF programs.

We have significant experience assisting clients — large and small — with their challenges, such as helping develop consent decree schedule relief requests and helping with problems associated with accessing the short-term market.

Your water and sewer benefits

Beyond the demonstrated experience of our sector bankers, you receive other benefits which include:

  • We help maintain or improve ratings to ensure reliable access to low-cost capital.
  • Our direct and ongoing participation in the capital markets gives you real-time market information.
  • Our professionals are continuously exchanging ideas and are always available.

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