Funding Deadline Pushed, Hope for COVID-19 Relief Remains

  • The Dec. 11 federal government funding deadline is likely to be pushed back a week following votes in the House and Senate, which are expected to occur this week.

  • Hope remains for another round of COVID-19 relief. Policy differences also remain.

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci said we should be in good shape by the end of the summer related to vaccine distribution. There is a financial and health related gap to be bridged between now and then, however.

  • The near-term health status worsens as new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to rise.

  • Near-term financial status is also questionable as the need for a renewal of benefits is high.

  • Actual and threats of closures and reopening rollbacks in California, New York, and Texas are going to increase the negative financial impact.

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