Inherent Conflict in Returning to Normal

  • Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office published fresh numbers that forecast the U.S. economy might not recover for another decade without additional federal aid or stimulus.

  • Some state, regional, and local economies were reopening and others were on the way to begin to reopen. That process could now be delayed because of inherent conflict and recent social unrest.

  • Without earning passenger trust, it will be much more difficult to get places like New York City up and running – it is not an overstatement to highlight that mass transportation providers are the backbone to a normally functioning financial landscape and without those providers operating near peak capacity, normalcy could be considered further off rather than closer.

  • Unfortunately, the increasing levels of social unrest across the country reallocated efforts and scarce resources away from the former focus of getting state, regional, and local economies back to some semblance of normalcy.

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