State and Local Aid is Key Roadblock, Says COS Meadows, But Offers $300 Billion

  • This morning, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said during a CNBC interview the biggest stumbling block to a larger COVID-19 fifth phase compromise is the $915 billion of relief the Democrats are asking to use toward state and local governments. He says that number is not “based on reality.

  • Instead, the White House would like to see additional flexibility added to the $150 billion already allocated for state and local governments under the CARES Act. COS Meadows also believes that it is realistic to authorize another $150 billion of direct aid for state and local entities.

  • Meadows stressed that real progress is being made toward a larger compromise. He hopes a bill could be put forth for consideration by the Senate as early as next week after lawmakers return to the Beltway.

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