HilltopSecurities' Structured Products group recognizes that the primary objective for state and local governments is to maintain safety of the principal of bond proceeds while ensuring adequate liquidity. We have extensive experience advising issuers in the structuring and competitive acquisition of collateralized investment contracts, forward delivery agreements, repurchase agreements, portfolios of open market securities for defeasance escrows and other investment vehicles, all of which are designed to comply with investment policy guidelines, state statutes, and IRS regulations.

HilltopSecurities adds value to each transaction by:

  • Providing live market indications
  • Offering structuring advice supported by the most current market knowledge
  • Optimizing yield and identifying market opportunities
  • Developing and implementing bidding specifications
  • Identifying and selecting qualified providers
  • Conducting “bona-fide bid” solicitations
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts to ensure a smooth closing
  • Performing trade oversight to mitigate settlement risk and delays
  • Monitoring collateral requirements

Preparing compliance transcripts

As a bidding agent, HilltopSecurities takes its fiduciary responsibilities seriously and has established internal guidelines and procedures to make certain that all client requirements are completely satisfied. By taking an active role in the contract negotiation and documentation review, we ensure that the terms of the bid specification are explicit in the final investment.