Source: Thomson Reuters (based on data available on Dec. 31, 2018)

All dollar amounts are in millions of dollars. Figures are based on issues maturing in 1.09 years or longer. Private placements and municipal forward sales are included, but short-term notes maturing in less than 1.088 years and remarketings of variable-rate bonds are excluded. Taxable bonds issued directly by electric cooperative utilities are included. Insurance figures represent only the insured portion of issues. Other Enhancements include certificates of deposit, collateralization, guaranteed investment contracts, private mortgage insurance and surety bonds

The purpose categories are defined as follows:

Development: industrial development, economic development, nongovernment office buildings

Education: primary and secondary education, higher education, student loans

Electric Power: public power utilities

Environmental Facilities: solid waste disposal, resource recovery, pollution control, recycling

Health Care: hospitals, nursing homes, continuing-care communities, assisted living, general medical

Housing: single-family housing, multifamily housing

Public Facilities: government buildings, fire and police stations, jails and prisons, civic and convention centers, museums and libraries, stadiums and sports complexes, theaters, parks, zoos and beaches, other recreation

Transportation: airports, seaports and marine terminals, toll roads, highways and streets, bridges, tunnels, parking facilities, mass transit

Utilities: water and sewer, gas, flood control, sanitation, combined utilities, miscellaneous utilities

General Purpose: general purpose, veterans (other than housing), agriculture, churches, temples and mosques, unknown