The leaders of the HilltopSecurities team pioneered the development of Market Rate To Be Announced (TBA) programs for housing finance agencies (HFAs). As the TBA Program provider for 11 HFAs, we have the capital, technology and expertise to help agencies structure and implement a no-risk pipeline management market rate TBA program to drive mortgage production. Our expertise in Mortgage Trading/Securitizations provides HFA clients with a multitude of options for the best execution of their new and seasoned mortgage assets.

Here is why you should go with HilltopSecurities:

  • The lowest cost no-risk pipeline management market rate TBA program in the industry
  • Most experienced team in the industry with a proven track record and knowledge of every aspect of the program
  • Access to the largest network of CRA and Specified investors
  • Strong balance sheet with dedicated capital for the TBA business
  • Complete pricing transparency
  • Best effort extension policy – you only pay the fee if the loan closes (others require you to pay this fee, regardless if the loan closes) and the ability to extend loans for 7, 15, 22 and 30 days at prorated prices
  • Utmost flexibility to customize programs that meet the unique needs of your HFA
  • State of the art technology with the ability to interface with every system and provide customized reporting
  • Expert Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pricing and delivery with best execution modeling
  • Marketing support
  • No long-term contract requirements

Ask us how we can help you securitize and sell your whole loan portfolio.

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