At HilltopSecurities, the Structured Products group is committed to monitoring and analyzing market trends that affect our clients and their portfolios. Our group routinely updates this page with educational materials, new product ideas, and other reports based on current market conditions. We also offer our FairValue Advisor services. Both GASB and FASB require periodic assessment of the fair values of derivatives. FairValue Advisor is HilltopSecurities' user-friendly, secure, web-based interface designed to provide financial decision makers and their staff with on-demand access to current fair market valuations and other information related to financial instruments. We also provide financial statement reporting services. We can help governmental clients with the nuances of compliance testing and how certain financial instruments can impact their financial reporting and audited statements.

Disclosure: The information contained in the following material ( the "Information") may include various forms of performance analysis, security characteristics and securities pricing estimates for the securities addressed. The data underlying the Information has been obtained from sources that HilltopSecurities believes to be reliable, but HilltopSecurities does not guarantee the accuracy of the underlying data or computations based thereon. As with all models, results may vary significantly depending upon the value of the inputs given. Models used in any analysis may be proprietary making the results difficult for any third party to reproduce. Contact your investment representative for detailed explanations of any modeling techniques employed in the Information.



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