HilltopSecurities leverages our regional expertise and national resources to provide advisory services that exceed all expectations. We understand that to achieve true innovation requires the right technology with the right team of experts, all working toward a common goal.

Here's what we can offer you.

Advisory services with a specific focus

On behalf of municipal clients nationwide, HilltopSecurities offers specialized advisory services designed specifically to help public sector clients implement risk management plans in connection with the use of investment management, debt management, and commodity price risk management products.

Consultation with the highest standards

HilltopSecurities has extensive experience with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) requirements. We offer accounting consulting services specific to GASB and FASB compliance, including GASB 41, 45, 53, and 64 and ASC Topic 815 and 820 (formerly FAS 133 and 157, respectively). Our accounting valuation systems meet SSAE 16 requirements and comply with GASB and FASB standards. These systems provide surveillance functions related to credit, collateral, and market value thresholds.

Strategic investments focused on maximizing results

HilltopSecurities' philosophy is geared toward maximizing economic benefit to our public funds clients while providing transparent and competitive market pricing. Taking into consideration investment strategies and future debt issuances, our approach to public funds investing and liability management creates a solid foundation from which you can assess risks on both sides of the balance sheet. We can provide assistance with the following structured municipal products:

  • Swaps, caps, floors, options and rate locks
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Structured certificates of deposit
  • Guaranteed investment contracts
  • Forward purchase agreements
  • Escrow structuring
  • Portfolio Structuring
  • Commodity Hedging

Surveillance with sophisticated tools

We provide online surveillance services that give you the tools necessary to monitor counterparty exposure limits, collateral posting requirements, cash flow and payment events, and trade valuation as required under certain GASB and/or FASB accounting standards. Our surveillance services include access to a suite of sophisticated tools and insights including the FairValue AdvisorSM, our online fair market valuation toolset. Our web-based platform provides access to:

  • FairValue Advisor SM fair market valuation tools
  • Investment tools
  • Daily-updated rate information
  • Current and historical market data
  • White papers
  • Proprietary market research
  • Transaction documentation
  • GASB and FASB accounting reports