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Public transportation infrastructure is a critical component of our nation’s economy and affects every area of daily life. Developing a well-constructed, sustainable financial plan for our nation’s roadways, waterways and airports is of vital importance to us all. For over 75 years, HilltopSecurities has been one of the nation’s leading public finance advisory firms in transportation infrastructure.


HilltopSecurities has deep experience helping airports around the country meet their financing needs. We provide a full suite of services, including municipal advisory, underwriting, and asset management to airports of all sizes, from small regional airports to large international hubs. The HilltopSecurities team is a recognized leader in this space, having received several airport Bond Buyer Deal of the Year Awards.

Port financing is complex, requiring input and expertise from a wide range of financial disciplines. The HilltopSecurities team puts its comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of public financing to work for seaports and inland ports around the country. From exploring growing public-private partnership opportunities to understanding the post-Panamax environment, the HilltopSecurities team will help you find the right path forward.

The funding, purchase and sale of toll roads involves highly complex financial and political considerations. The transportation financing professionals at HilltopSecurities have extensive nationwide experience in modeling, designing and implementing all types of toll road financing. This includes state-wide toll road authorities, start-up toll roads and more.

Especially in large metropolitan areas, rapid transit plays a key role in maintaining a healthy economy by providing a sustainable method to transport residents safely and quickly throughout a city.

There are unique challenges associated with financing systems such as subways or rail lines, and HilltopSecurities has developed years of experience dedicating our time and resources to develop strategies to meet these challenges. We supply the tools to establish and sustain your rapid transit systems, applying our extensive knowledge and technology to help you achieve these long-term goals.

Leading the Way in Public Finance

HilltopSecurites' client Miami-Dade County awarded 2021 Deal of the Year¹
No. 5
Transportation Financial Advisor in the U.S.²
The Bond Buyer, Dec. 16, 2021.
Based on number of deals for calendar year 2022. Source Refinitiv.

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