Traditional Brokerage
Our robust trading platform includes:

  • Portfolio management capabilities
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Performance reporting
  • Projected cash flows
  • House holding
  • Tax-lot accounting
  • Detailed, custom reports
  • Easy mutual fund order entry
  • Online account opening and lookup
  • Block trading
  • Automated fixed income trading
  • Real-time, delayed and streaming quotes available
  • Multi-leg options trading
  • News and market information
  • Dividend and periodic reinvestment programs
  • IRAs with the ability to hold private investments
  • Custom data feeds and reports
  • E-delivery statements and confirms availability

Research and Market Insights
Morningstar Advisor Workstation and Morningstar Office subscriptions are available. HilltopSecurities clients also have access to leading industry research and our proprietary market insights. We host bi-monthly economic conference calls for clients to ensure they are informed of the latest trends.

Advisory Services
HilltopSecurities offers integrated and customized solutions for Registered Investment Advisers and Dually Registered Broker Dealers.

  • Investment Model Management Tools
  • Performance Reporting
  • Trading and Rebalancing Tools
  • Financial Planning Tools
  • Wide variety of Managed Account Solutions including UMA and SMA solutions
  • Leverage HilltopSecurities' relationships with Advent and FolioDynamix