HilltopSecurities advisors are focused on your overall financial plan and goals. We understand that a significant part of your financial strategy is managing your short term cash needs. We offer a variety of cash management solutions designed to help you manage your day-to-day finances conveniently from your HilltopSecurities brokerage account.

Check writing - Write checks to anyone for any amount up to your available cash balance.

Debit card -  Access your available funds conveniently with the HilltopSecurities debit card.

ACH/Wire transfers - Electronically transmit funds to other financial institutions.

Money market funds - Access to a competitive array of money market funds.

FDIC Insurance: Receive up to $5 million FDIC insurance coverage per depositor when the Bank Insured Deposit used as a cash sweep. Click here to view HilltopSecurities Sweep Account Disclosures.

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